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Hello, I’m Leah from Illinois, United States. I’m a mom of three beautiful kids, a Nurse by profession, and an internet based Business owner. This is a story about the lowest point in my life, a story that maybe you can relate to.

Two years ago, when the novel coronavirus struck, my husband and I were faced with the most difficult moment of our lives. Back then, we only had two kids and were already struggling with our schedules as full time nurses in the middle of the outbreaks. One of us would sleep while the other works, and sometimes sleep was not even possible. No to mention the stress of working 12-hour shifts, which I had to do part-time just so my husband and I could manage taking care of our two kids.

Then around the end of January of 2020, I found out I was pregnant.

I felt so lost that I would drive to work crying, asking myself how could we possibly manage everything with 3 kids. I knew something had to change and that I needed a plan B to earn more for my family.

It was around that time that I came across an ad that’s similar to the one you’re reading now. I felt so relieved that someone out there understood what I was going through! And best of all, they told me there was a solution: a business that mothers and OFW workers could start even with no experience in sales. Because I never sold anything in my life, that sounded too goo to be true!

Fast forward to today, this is now I’m doing and what an AMAZING blessing it is to my family and me. Now, I want to share this with anyone who wants tp:

  • Create more time with family
  • Start a business where you’re in control of your time
  • Build away from a tiring cycle of work-sleep-work
  • Or to anyone who has had enough of their cubicle prison

Join our community every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM PST (8 PM EST) wherever you are in the world so we can show you how.

Access the no-cost workshop today or message me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you! Here’s my e-mail address at

Cheers, Leah