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Empowering Digital Entrepreneurs

”I can’t do this anymore.” Those were the words I said to myself crying while driving to work. It was right after I found out I was pregnant with our third child in the middle of a global crisis. But I knew I had to keep going. There HAD to be a bigger purpose for […]

Online Business Tips

Happy Monday! Because I want to inspire you my friends to find out if digital business is for you, I will be sharing my favorite tips that you can use and to encourage you to keep going despite whatever you are going through right now. These are tips to also help myself and my business […]

Dare to Dream Big

”Just work and pay the bills, that’s all!” This is what most people believe they should be doing with their lives – just work enough, pay the bills, and never dream for anything more. This shouldn’t be your life, because the world is waiting to be experienced! Travel, learn a new language, visit your favorite […]

Empowering Digital Entrepreneurs

Looking back, all the most important moments in my life were unplanned. I trusted the journey, trusted my strength to handle what will come, and most of all, I trusted in His Guidance to keep me going despite whatever good or bad will come my way. In our darkest moments, we always want answers… ”why […]

Watch our Complimentary Workshop

Hello, I’m Leah from Illinois, United States. I’m a mom of three beautiful kids, a Nurse by profession, and an internet based Business owner. This is a story about the lowest point in my life, a story that maybe you can relate to. Two years ago, when the novel coronavirus struck, my husband and I […]

Free Live Workshop

Calling all parents, Healthcare Workers, and anyone who wants to Start A Digital Business! Register for our No Cost Workshop Run your Digital Business From Home or Anywhere Meet others who are business-minded and have achieved: More time with family Ability to quit their full-time J.O.B More freedom without worrying about the bills It’s about […]

Webinar Starting Soon!

No cost to attend Special shout-out to my business-minded friends! Here’s the opportunity that came into my life that I am ever-grateful for. So much growth has happened , and I’m so happy to meet more moms and fellow healthcare workers who are also going after their dreams and enjoying the benefits of a proven […]