Self-Care Ideas for a Perfect Day

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It doesn’t take much to create a perfect day. All you need is to make a decision to be happy and healthy and the rest will follow. 

Make everyday perfect by trying some of these self-care practices that will help you create a happy, balanced, and stress-free day.

  1. Design your day. You can start the night before by designing the next day on how you want it to go. This will save you time in the morning and it will help you have an organized day.
  1. Relax in bed. When you wake up, take a few minutes in bed just to relax. Do not just jump up and start your day in a rush.
  1. Listen to music. Create a feel-good playlist that you can listen to while you get ready in the morning and throughout the day.
  1. Wear your favorite clothes. Wear the clothes and accessories that make you feel good about yourself. 
  1. Take a scenic walk. Try taking a walk through the park on your way to work or school. Being closer to nature enhances the mood.
  1. Exercise. Moving your body increases the happy hormones in your body called endorphins. It can also energize you for the whole day.
  1. Eat what you like. Eat the foods that make you happy but control your portions. Choose healthy alternatives when you can.
  1. Have an hour to yourself. Schedule an hour during the day when you can just do whatever you please. 
  1. Take a long relaxing bath. Wind down and soak your stress away with a relaxing bath. Engage the senses by using scents and relaxing music.
  1. Be grateful. Before ending the day, write in your journal all the things that you’re grateful for during the day.

Before the day is over, design how you want the next day to go and do it all over again.