5 Reasons Why a Stay-at-Home-Mom Loses Her Identity

Motherhood is one of, if not the most fulfilling role of a woman. While becoming a mother has made most women feel complete and that they have found their purpose in life, it is not uncommon for moms to also feel like they lost a part of themselves at the same time.

Identity crisis happens to almost all moms, and it is usually because: 

1. Moms’ lives now revolve around their kids. 

Being a mother is a full-time job; there isn’t a time of the day when your kids don’t need you. Because moms barely think of themselves now, they feel disconnected from themselves own selves. 

2. Moms often forget to care about how they look. 

Most moms would agree that they would rather see their kids well-dressed, groomed, and healthy than themselves. Moms put in less effort to dress up hence, they don’t feel attractive on the inside like they used to anymore. 

3. Moms need to slow down. 

Ambitious women who need to live at a slower pace to cater to the needs of their growing kids find it hard to adapt to a life that isn’t as “productive” as society dictates things to be. This makes moms feel insecure and unsure of themselves. 

4. Moms have given up their careers. 

Giving up on a career that has once fulfilled you and given you pride is not easy to deal with. It is not only their career that stay-at-home moms have lost but also the passion that was once satisfied in their jobs.

5. Moms lost the freedom they once had. 

Many moms would agree to feel more like a robot completing commands rather than a human who has a will of her own. The limited freedom of a mom can make her feel like a stranger to her own self. 

Moms who don’t feel like their old selves should not feel bad about it at all. Because you really aren’t your old self anymore —you are now stronger, bolder, and even more beautiful after bringing and caring for a precious life on earth. Don’t be ashamed to ask for time away from the kids to do what you love and rest whenever you need to. Taking care of yourself is the only way you can take care of your loved ones. 

How to Properly and Effectively Talk to Your Patients

Good rapport with your patient doesn’t only allow for a smoother transaction between you two but also enables you to provide him/her with better medical care. When your patient feels comfortable communicating how he/she feels with you, you can find out more about his/her conditions and symptoms so you can tailor the level of care you provide them with. 

These tips will help you become a better communicator to your patient: 

1. Be conscious of your body language. 

Keep your arms open to suggest that you are not holding anything back and, when possible, get down to the eye level of your patient—do not look down on him/her as it might come across as intimidating. 

2. Ask questions concisely and clearly. 

Make sure your questions are short and easy to understand. If you need to ask multiple questions, ask them one at a time to give your patient enough time to think things through. 

3. Always maintain a level of respect for your patients. 

Your patient will make many requests to help him/her feel comfortable. If such requests are not possible, decline politely and offer other choices instead of commanding them to do something else. 

4. Speak more clearly and loudly without yelling. 

Senior patients may have hearing issues so speak at a slower pace while increasing your speaking volume. Always make sure you don’t come across as rude when speaking louder than usual. 

5. Provide your patients with lists and reminders when possible. 

It may not be as easy for your patient to keep in mind your reminders and instructions as some of them may have memory issues or are still recovering from surgery or trauma. Written instructions will help them stay on track. 

6. Be patient. 

Remember that your patient is feeling very ill so be more understanding if he/she ever gets cranky or raises your voice at you; they don’t usually mean that. Give them enough time to respond to your questions too. 

Once you’ve mastered these communication strategies with your patients, you will surely become a better nurse as you can provide better care to them. This will improve their overall experience with you and the facility you work for which could ultimately benefit your patient satisfaction scores. 

5 Things to Love about Being a Working Mom

While many mothers give up their careers to care for their kids, some continue with their jobs whether it’s by choice or they just don’t have any other option. Some working moms feel guilty for leaving their kids all day to make a living but, being a working mom is never something to be ashamed of. 

Here’s why you should be a proud working mother: 

1. You get to provide for your family. 

You are earning for your family which means you can take care of them better. You can provide your kids with more than just their basic needs and because you have a job, you can give your family a better quality of life. 

2. You get a sense of independence. 

Some mothers feel helpless when they are dependent on their partners for financial support, even though there is no shame in that. But you don’t have to deal with that frustration because you are confident you can provide for your family yourself. 

3. You can continue working on your career goals. 

If your job is something you are truly passionate about, then you can live a more satisfying life as you are growing a family while doing what you love. Working moms experience less identity crisis too. 

4. You can enjoy more freedom. 

Of course, you love your kids more than anything but being with them 24/7 can make you feel like a prisoner and make you lose confidence. When you’re working, you can go out more often, even when it’s for work, so you get a sense of freedom. 

5. You can live a more balanced life. 

Moms don’t have to feel guilty about needing some time away from their kids even when it’s just for work or doing other errands. You’ll be happier when you can take care both of your family and yourself. 

Choosing to be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom won’t make you any less of a mother than others—you’ll always be the best one in your kids’ eyes. If being a working mom is what suits your motherhood lifestyle best, then embrace it and be proud that you get to enjoy the things to love about being a working mom. 

5 Habits of Highly Motivated People

A little bit of motivation can change your life simply because it will provide you with a different perspective and drive you to do things beyond what you have previously achieved. Motivation is powerful but unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long on its own. 

Don’t worry here are habits you can learn to stay motivated every day: 

1. Wake up early in the morning. 

Motivated people can’t resist but work on their to-dos as soon as they wake up. Training yourself to get up earlier in the morning will allow you to get more things done and develop a hardworking attitude. 

2. Exercising and eating healthy. 

People who are highly motivated don’t just focus on a single goal; they are well-rounded and make sure to take care of themselves, so they have enough fuel to stay productive. Being fit is a must-learn habit to become a motivated person. 

3. Never settling for less. 

Being a motivated person isn’t just about getting the things done—it is about finishing things with the best quality that you can muster. Highly motivated people always give their all in everything they do, be it at work or home. 

4. Refusing to give up despite trials. 

It takes more than just a few setbacks to bring a highly motivated individual down. This is because they know their goals will be worth fighting through the tough times. Instill the never-give-up attitude in you to become highly motivated too. 

5. Working with productivity goals in mind. 

A highly motivated person doesn’t work for the sake of merely working. They work to achieve a goal and deliver an output that will determine their progress. Working with a specific goal in mind will change your attitude at work and lead you to progress further in life. 

The feeling of being motivated leaves as quickly as it comes so make sure to capture it and never let it go once it visits you. Learn the habits of highly motivated people we’ve shared above, and we guarantee that you will live life with more inspiration and purpose. 

Ways to Be a Fun Mom Even When You’re Tired

Being a mom is a full-time job and unlike other jobs, you don’t even get to clock out at five o’clock because your kids need you 24/7. It’s normal to feel completely exhausted at the end of the day because after all, you are human. 

Don’t worry, there are ways you can still bond with the kids when you get home from work or after you have finished the house chores. Try these: 

1. Engage in activities that both you and your kids will enjoy. 

Bonding with the kids can be your chance to unwind too by sharing an activity you are passionate about with people you love. You can try painting or coloring books as a fun activity that will entice your kids and help them relax at the same time. 

2. Play fun indoor games with the family. 

You don’t have to travel far just to have some fun with the kids. You can play a relaxing board game with the family in the living room after dinner instead. The kids will enjoy it while you can recharge with your family’s presence near you. 

3. Get your kids to participate in the chores. 

A long list of chores can stress out any mom especially when she just got home from work. Cross out some chores off the list by letting your kids help you at home. It can be a fun bonding activity while being productive. 

4. Prepare ready-to-cook meals with your kids. 

Kids love to be in the kitchen plus it is a great opportunity to teach them their responsibilities in the household. Whip up an easy meal for the family with ready-to-cook kits that the kids can safely and easily do with your guidance. 

5. Read a bedtime story. 

At the end of the day, when all you want to do is rest, you can still make your kids feel loved by reading your favorite book together. It will put you in a relaxed mood after a stressful day at work and get your kids ready for sleep time too. 

There are no shortcuts to being the best mother to your kids but there are still ways you can do to make your mom life easier. Follow our suggested activities above and you’re sure to give your kids a fun time without depleting your energy levels. 

10 Nursing Life Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

The nurse life is rewarding but tough, to say the least. While there are no shortcuts to making sure you provide your patients with the best care, there are things you can do to make your work life easier. 

With these hacks, you’ll save time while improving your patients’ satisfaction: 

1. Prime your IV slowly. 

Tiny air bubbles may form when the flow is in full blast. Instead, clamp the tube first before filling the drip chamber and let the fluid drip slowly. 

2. Use gauze when using a tourniquet to prevent hair-pulling. 

Placing a thin sheet of gauze between the tourniquet and your patient’s skin will make the experience less painful for your patient as it avoids tugging the hair. 

3. Hydrogen Peroxide is a great blood stain remover. 

Bloodstains are no big deal for nurses, but nobody wants a blood-stained uniform. Scrub it off easily with some Hydrogen Peroxide. 

4. Coffee powder is a good odor neutralizer.

If you can’t stand the smell of your station, place fresh coffee grounds in a bowl to absorb the foul odors in the air. 

5. Peppermint oil is ideal for stinky situations.

Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your mask during a code brown can help you deal with the situation better. Peppermint helps calm you down too. 

6. Pause for a few seconds before leaving a room. 

Before leaving a patient’s room, pause and look around if there is anything you left behind or have forgotten to do. This will save you from making a second trip later. 

7. Alcohol swabs help fight off nausea. 

Foul smells are something all nurses deal with but they’re just too overwhelming sometimes and cause nausea. An alcohol swab under the nose can help fight it off. 

8. Try the triple-gloving method.

Wear three layers of gloves when dealing with a code brown situation. The first layer is for scooping waste, the second for replacing diapers, and the third for putting on new sheets. 

9. Be patient with patients who have needle phobia. 

Ask the patient to breathe in and out slowly for ten seconds to help him/her calm down. Tell your patient to wiggle his/ her toes too as a form of distraction. 

10. Petroleum jelly removes dried bloodstains. 

Sometimes, nurses are just too busy to even think of removing a fresh bloodstain, so it often dries out at the end of the day. Applying petroleum jelly can help remove it. 

Nurses already work so hard every day so even saving just a few seconds can make a huge difference in a busy nurse’s life. Follow these tips to make your work life as a nurse easier, even for just a short while. 

10 Easy Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

Unlike a 9 to 5 job where you clock out after eight hours at work, an entrepreneur needs to manage her business 24/7. In addition to that, some things need to get done at home like taking care of the kids or finishing the housework. 

Running a business can be overwhelming so here are ten tips to help with time management. 

  1. Keep a time limit on your activities. Limit business calls to 5 minutes and meetings to 30 minutes. Small activities like this can easily eat up your time so discuss things straight to the point. 
  1. Invest in technology. Automate repetitive and menial tasks. Many applications and software exist to lighten that workload for a minimal monthly fee. 
  1. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks. Assign your team the tasks that you need to get done for more efficient time management. 
  1. Wake up earlier in the morning. Starting early means getting things done early. Set your alarm a few hours earlier in the morning so you can maximize your day. 
  1. Keep a schedule for everything. Schedule both work and rest times and abide by your calendar religiously. Doing so will help you avoid hyper-scheduling and getting overwhelmed. 
  1. Identify and eliminate non-productive activities. Ponder on what the “wasteful” activities in your business are, such as repetitive tasks that can be automated, and find a solution to get rid of them. 
  1. Get the difficult tasks done first. Do the things you are most likely to procrastinate on first. Once you clear that, it will be easier to finish the rest of your to-do list.
  1. Adopt the Pareto Principle. The 80-20 rule will help prioritize things in your business and solve issues with a more strategic approach. 
  1. Consider hiring a virtual assistant. An assistant working remotely is more cost-efficient plus you can reach her/him from anywhere too even when you are working from home. 

10. Leave allowance for interruptions. Things rarely go as planned. Always plan your day with enough allowance for delays and unscheduled activities. 

Entrepreneurship is exciting yet it can be very demanding. Having an effective time management system will prevent you from being overwhelmed with mundane tasks so you can keep the passion you have for your business burning. 

12 Ways To Become A Better Mom

All mothers are good. Everything they do and every choice they make are for the sake of their family and children. However, sometimes, no matter how hard they try, the house is still a mess, the laundry keeps piling up, their kids still get F in school, and they still run out of milk and eggs in the fridge.

Can you relate? Are these situations familiar to you? No matter how bad you feel right now, don’t think that you’re a bad parent. Here are ways to help you become better at motherhood. 

  1. Create routines. When your kids know what to expect throughout the day, it will eliminate arguments, confusions, and violent reactions from them, leading to a smoother turn out of events.
  1. Plan ahead. Before a new week starts, organize your schedule and plan what you need to do for the week. Identify which days you need to do grocery, pay bills, or bring the kids to soccer practice.
  1. Ask for help. Hire a nanny or babysitter if you need to. Try to take some things off your plate.
  1. Teach your kids responsibilities. In addition to the previous tip, encourage your kids to help you with simple house chores, like fixing the bed or packing away their toys after using them.
  1. Take a break. When everything seems overwhelming, take time out to breathe, meditate, and/or drink your coffee in peace. This will help you regain your energy — and sanity.
  1. Play with your kids. You don’t want to be tagged as the parent who has no time for her kids. So spend some quality time with your children and join them in their playtime.
  1. Do one thing at a time. Avoid multitasking. You will accomplish a lot more things if you do them one after another.
  1. Take care of yourself. Keep your body and mind healthy to be able to carry out your responsibilities as a mother better and more comfortably.
  1. Talk to other moms. Having a support group can help reduce feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, and provide a higher level of well-being.
  1. Communicate openly with your spouse and children. Talk about concerns in the family and how you can all deal with them effectively.
  1. Create memorable experiences. Instead of splurging on material gifts, spend on vacations, trips, and adventures that you and your family will enjoy.
  1. Be a friend and confidant. More than a parent, make sure that you can be someone they can share stories with, be comfortable with, and trust with their problems — no matter how petty they are.

There is no perfect parent, but you can always strive to be better for your children. You got this, momma!

Self-Care Ideas for a Perfect Day

It doesn’t take much to create a perfect day. All you need is to make a decision to be happy and healthy and the rest will follow. 

Make everyday perfect by trying some of these self-care practices that will help you create a happy, balanced, and stress-free day.

  1. Design your day. You can start the night before by designing the next day on how you want it to go. This will save you time in the morning and it will help you have an organized day.
  1. Relax in bed. When you wake up, take a few minutes in bed just to relax. Do not just jump up and start your day in a rush.
  1. Listen to music. Create a feel-good playlist that you can listen to while you get ready in the morning and throughout the day.
  1. Wear your favorite clothes. Wear the clothes and accessories that make you feel good about yourself. 
  1. Take a scenic walk. Try taking a walk through the park on your way to work or school. Being closer to nature enhances the mood.
  1. Exercise. Moving your body increases the happy hormones in your body called endorphins. It can also energize you for the whole day.
  1. Eat what you like. Eat the foods that make you happy but control your portions. Choose healthy alternatives when you can.
  1. Have an hour to yourself. Schedule an hour during the day when you can just do whatever you please. 
  1. Take a long relaxing bath. Wind down and soak your stress away with a relaxing bath. Engage the senses by using scents and relaxing music.
  1. Be grateful. Before ending the day, write in your journal all the things that you’re grateful for during the day.

Before the day is over, design how you want the next day to go and do it all over again. 

11 Powerful Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

11 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt holds people back from seizing opportunities. It makes it harder for people to start or finish the things that need to be done. And unfortunately, it happens to everyone at some point. 

The next time you find yourself slowly drowning in self-doubt, don’t give in and use one or more of these powerful ways to successfully overcome it: 

1. Say “no” immediately. As soon as you feel self-doubt creeping in, say “no” or “stop” in your mind or out loud to put an end to it right away. 

2. Learn from your past. You’ve been here before. And like you conquered it in the past, you will triumph against self-doubt once more. 

3. Talk to a trusted friend about it. Call your BFF, spouse, or trusted family member to give you a boost in spirit. 

4. Compare yourself to yourself, not to others. Comparing yourself to others is unnecessary and will only worsen your self-doubt. 

5. Keep a journal. Writing down your emotions makes it easier to deal with them than fighting them in your mind. 

6. People are not waiting for you to fail. Nobody is keeping a record of your failures. Remember, everyone is already too busy with themselves so focus on yourself instead. 

7. Don’t overthink others’ comments. Sometimes, what others say may not be directed to you in the first place. Avoid overthinking as it can only worsen self-doubt. 

8. Do something you love. Take a break to watch a movie, do some yoga, or do anything to uplift your mood. 

9. Remember that setbacks are temporary. Everyone goes through hard times and life goes on regardless. Your self-doubt will pass, and you’ll be okay again. 

10. Failure is necessary for success. Don’t put yourself down when you fail, it only means that you are trying. So keep going and eventually, you will succeed. 

11. Take it as a chance for personal growth. Change your perspective and think of self-doubt as a realization that you need to improve yourself. 

You are not alone in battling self-doubt; everyone goes through it and will go through it eventually. Know that you will come back stronger every time and these tips will help you survive through it each time with ease.