Planning to Become a Nurse? Here are Night Shift Benefits of Nurses

Being put on night shift feels like a death sentence for nurses who never experienced it or have always considered themselves as “morning people” rather than “night owls”. But night shifts are not as horrible as most people think they would be. In fact, many seasoned nurses would prefer a night shift more than anything. 

There are many reasons to love the night shift: 

  1. You can enjoy higher pay.

Because night shifts are not the usual working hours for a person, healthcare workers assigned in this shift have the privilege of higher compensation. 

  1. You are available for family activities.

Being at home during the day means you can prepare meals for the kids to take to school, go on a quick trip to the park with the family, or just tend to their overall needs. 

  1. You get a more relaxed patient routine.

At night, there are fewer doctors that you need to meet during their rounds and no visitors for patients that you need to accommodate. You can focus on the tasks you have at hand better.

  1. You can build closer work relationships.

Because the atmosphere is more relaxed and the work is less hectic during a night shift, you can build tighter bonds with your workmates. 

  1. You can relax better with fewer people on the floor.

While nurses are used to the families and friends of the patients who have endless questions and requests, they won’t deny that it can cause stress. Not having to deal with that during a night shift can put you in a calm disposition for work. 

It may feel like your chances of achieving work-life balance is officially over once you are put on the night shift. But with the many benefits of a night shift, you might have just done yourself a favor. The night shift has made many nurses happier in their careers and it could do the same to you too. 

8 Tips for Moms When They’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Moms, whether new to motherhood or not, feel burnt out sometimes—it’s completely normal! When the stress starts to build up and you feel like nearing a “mommy meltdown”, take a step back and follow these eight tips to help you overcome it. 

  1. Take a whole day to yourself. One out of the 365 days in a year is not too much. Don’t be ashamed to ask for a break when you need it the most. Rest, go shopping, or do anything you love. 
  1. Learn to say “no”. There’s no shame in saying “no” when your partner asks you to cook tonight or go to the PTA meeting. Explain that you are preoccupied with other things at the moment. 
  1. Ask for help when you need it. Ask your partner to watch the kids just for a few hours so you can take a break. Delegate the tasks at home to lighten your load. 
  1. Skip one chore, just for today. Order take-out instead of cooking. Get the laundry service instead of washing the clothes yourself. Even a few minutes of freedom can put you in a better mood. 
  1. Reach out to friends and family. Communicate consistently with the people you trust and let them know how you feel. Venting out your feelings can help reduce stress. 
  1. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting. It’s okay to save money for the kids’ needs and wants but buying yourself a new dress or bag won’t hurt the family. You deserve it, buy it. 
  1. Avoid caffeinated beverages. Coffee and some types of tea have high levels of caffeine that can induce anxiety and palpitations. Lay off the caffeine to clear your mind. 
  1. Know when to see your doctor. Being overwhelmed is normal and more common than you think. But some moms, especially new moms, experienced postpartum depression and might need medical intervention to get better. 

Moms shouldn’t feel guilty about taking care of themselves. You are already doing so much for the family, so a quick “me time” is just a little treat you deserve. Follow the rest of our tips above to avoid getting overwhelmed and stay the happy mommy that you are. 

6 Tips on How to Survive Being a Nurse and a Mom

Being a mom is already a full-time job by itself. Moms, who also work as nurses, could only wish for an extra 24 hours in their day just to balance work with family time. But it’s not that you need more time, you just need a more efficient routine to maximize the 24 hours you have. 

  1. Ask your fellow mom nurses for advice. No advice is better than one that comes from a senior co-worker who has dealt with the things you are dealing with now. Should you lay off working hours? Should you ask to be assigned to another department? They know best what to do. 
  1. Opt for flexible working hours. Moms with school-aged kids find balance better with night shifts as they can tend to their kids’ needs during the day. Ask your management if a flexible schedule is available for you. 
  1. Celebrating holidays on different days is okay. Working on holidays is not uncommon for healthcare workers. Instill in yourself and your family that celebrations can still be as meaningful even when rescheduled on “regular” days. 
  1. Keep clothes in the car to change with. Most mom-nurses who just clocked out need to pick up their kids from the school straight away so showering at home is not an option. Change your clothes in the car and sanitize to save time while keeping your kids safe and healthy. 
  1. Staying organized is key. Keeping a schedule for both the PTA meetings and work activities will help you avoid getting overwhelmed. Organization is key to better work-life balance. 
  1. Credit yourself for the work you do. You might not feel like you are doing enough for your family and work but trust that you are doing your best. The service that you do both for your patients and loved ones is priceless so appreciate yourself more. 

Balancing being a nurse and a mom at the same time is hard, but not impossible. We hope the six tips we presented above will help you not only survive the nurse-mom life but thrive in it throughout. 

How to Balance Motherhood and Ambition

Motherhood is a demanding but rewarding experience. With seemingly endless tasks to accomplish on a daily basis, it may seem like mothers don’t have enough time and opportunities to pursue their ambitions. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely shut off your dreams.

If you’re a mother and you have goals and ambitions that you’d like to pursue despite changing diapers, preparing meals, and homeschooling, all you need is to balance your daily tasks and responsibilities. Here are some practical tips you can follow to work on your personal goals while doing your job as a full-time mom.

  1. Set a few minutes every day to work on your personal goals. Whether it’s just 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day, use it strictly to pursue your passion. Learn a new skill, read a book, or blog about your experiences. A few minutes of work a day performed consistently can bring significant results in the long run.
  1. Learn to delegate and ask for help. You don’t have to do everything alone. When it comes to taking care of your kids, you can hire a nanny or a babysitter. For house chores, you can get a house cleaner or cleaning company. For outdoor errands, ask your husband to do them. With extra time on your hands, you can work on your goals and ambition.
  1. Follow passionate and successful moms on social media. These people can significantly motivate and influence you on pursuing your passion and working towards your goals. Get useful and helpful tips from them that you can apply in your life, too.
  1. Make sure your family is on board. Tell your husband and children about what you wish to achieve. Make them understand that this is a part of you you need to focus on because it will not only provide fulfillment on your part, but will also make you a better wife, mother, and provider to the family.
  1. Keep your body and mind healthy. If you are in tip-top shape, you can easily juggle motherhood, home management, work, and passion projects. So make sure to have a complete rest every day, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and develop strong mental and emotional health.

As a mother, parenting and raising kids should not hinder you from pursuing your ambitions. By effectively balancing your personal goals and family responsibilities, you can succeed in both aspects of your life.

10 Things to Do If You’re Feeling Stuck In Life

Once or a few times in your life, you may feel like you’re lost, going in circles, or in a dead-end. Feeling stuck is a tough situation to be in. You don’t know what to do and how to keep going. 

If you are in a similar situation, here are some things you can do to move on and move forward with life.

  1. Identify what you really want to do. Maybe the reason you’re stuck is that you are trying to do something that doesn’t spark joy in your life or fulfill your purpose. Find out what you love and do that.
  1. Try something different. Doing the same thing over and over again can burn you out. If you are bored and burnt out and feel like you’re not getting anywhere, it’s time to do something new, something exciting, something you’ve never done before.
  2. Move to a new place. Feeling stuck can also mean being stuck in a place you’ve been in for a long time. Travel, visit a foreign land, relocate to another city. Having a new surroundings can help you get and get moving.
  3. Take action. Sometimes, what frustrates us to keep going is having a lot of plans but not being able to make them happen. So, instead of sitting around and waiting for good things to come, take action and turn your dreams into reality.
  4. Change your routines. If you feel like every day is just the same old boring things that happen, it’s up to you to change it. Instead of ordering in, why not cook your own food. Instead of running on the treadmill, try jogging outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  5. Have some fun. If your life is lacking fun and excitement, it means you’re not doing enough things that excite you. Travel, read your favorite book, shop, or party with friends. Don’t hold back to do the things you love to do.
  6. Volunteer and do charity works. When you help other people, you get a sense of pride and fulfillment. You can also probably find your calling when you try to do volunteer work. 
  7. Re-evaluate your goals. Do your current goals seem to discourage you? Are they not as fulfilling as before? Maybe it’s time to revisit your goals and upgrade them according to what makes sense to you.
  8. Surround yourself with ambitious and supportive people. Get inspiration from the right people. When the people in your circle are growing and succeeding, you will be motivated to follow their footsteps.
  9. Take a break. When you feel stuck and don’t know what to do, it’s okay to pause. Taking a break doesn’t mean giving up. Sometimes, only when you clear your mind and forget about the worries will you find clarity on what to do next. 

None of us knows what’s in store for us in the future. So, the next time you get stuck, just remember these tips and help yourself find the right direction.

12 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Heart racing, palms sweaty, breathing becomes harder—sounds familiar? Everyone has experienced anxiety at least once in their lives because it is a normal human response to stress. But some days are better than others and there are times when your anxiety seems so out of control that it almost takes over your life. 

Don’t panic! Read through our twelve tips for easing anxiety: 

  1. Take long deep breaths. Inhale fully and let out a huge exhale. Filling your lungs with air can give you a sense of relief and help you calm down instantly.
  1. Focus on your breathing. Anxiety makes your thoughts spiral out of control, so it helps to keep your mind on one thing. Focus on your breathing pattern—as if you are meditating—and become more aware of the air that goes in and out of your lungs. 
  1. Take a break. Burn-outs can easily lead to anxiety. Remind yourself that it is okay to take time for yourself to do the things you love like watching movies, reading a good book, or not doing anything at all. 
  1. Stay active. Exercising will not only make you feel good physically, but it will also distract you from anxiety-inducing thoughts. It will also drain your energy, helping you fall asleep faster in the nighttime. 
  1. Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Caffeine can give you ‘jittery effects’ that stimulate the human’s ‘fight or flight response which can worsen anxiety.
  1. Slowly count to ten. When having an anxiety attack, get your mind off your thoughts by counting to ten—or even up to twenty if you need to. 
  1. Reach out to your friends and family. Unloading the burdens of anxiety to people you trust can help you feel much lighter and better. 
  1. Reconnect with nature. Go for a walk or, if you can, travel somewhere close to nature to get away from the anxiety-causing busy city life. 
  1. Learn what triggers your anxiety. Be observant of what often causes your anxiety and find ways to deal with them better next time. Don’t ignore your triggers. 
  1. Be more accepting of the things you can’t control. Situations that make you feel helpless can easily trigger anxiety. Identify the things you have no control over and learn to let them go. 
  1. Focus on what you can do instead. Instead of wasting your energy thinking of things you can’t control, focus on what you can do in the meantime instead. 
  1. Pay more attention to the good things in life. Anxiety makes it hard to see the good side of life but there really are lots of things to be grateful for. Focus on them instead. 

Whenever anxiety starts to creep in on you again, just look back on these tips and remember that you are not alone. And you will get through it, just like you did each time before. 

Mantras and Affirmations for Nurses Amid Covid-19

The pandemic has shaken the world unlike anything before and it has taken its toll on everyone — especially healthcare workers. Nurses work tirelessly every day to protect the victims of COVID-19 and put themselves at risk. The physical and emotional stress of working round-the-clock while dealing with deaths can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

Affirmations help invoke a positive mindset in you and help you push through these tough times. Here are some mantras made especially for hardworking and dedicated but exhausted nurses: 

I am making a difference every day. 

To you, your work seems insignificant, but to the people you’ve helped, it means the world. You make so much more difference than you think. 

I will not be broken by this pandemic.

The pressures and stress may bend you, but it will never break you—you are strong. And you will get through this like all the other hard times in your life. 

I am giving my best every time.

You may not think you are doing enough for your patients but giving it your all, every time, is more than anyone could ask for. Your patients are truly thankful for that. 

I will stay calm and not stress over what I can’t control. 

Focus on what you can do instead of getting overwhelmed by the things you have no control over. You will stay calm and grounded as there are no excess thoughts to distract you. 

I am kind and empathetic to my patients. 

What your patients need the most now are compassion and empathy. It’s hard to stay positive but radiate good energy to your patients and it will make both your days. 

I understand that all of this is temporary and will pass. 

Nothing lasts forever, not even this pandemic. Repeat “This too shall pass” to yourself throughout the day. 

I feel stressed, tired, and burnt out — and my feelings are valid. 

It’s okay if you are not feeling okay. Take a time-out, reward yourself, and get back up because you are a superhero who will save lives. 

I am proud of myself. 

What would the pandemic-stricken world be without nurses? You are doing so much more than you thought was possible and the world is proud of you — you should be very proud of how far you’ve come too. 

These affirmations may not change the world, but they might just change your day. Use them as a lifeline whenever you need a shift in your mindset to stay positive. 

5 Positive Parenting Techniques

It is tough being a parent. You have to deal with sleepless nights, consistent bouts of anxiety whenever you are away from your children, and the fear of being judged harshly as a parent. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to effectively raise well-behaved children. 

While there is no manual to perfect parenting, there are tips and techniques you can practice to be a great parent to your children.

  1. Acknowledge and validate your children’s feelings. Whether they are sad, angry, or hurt, let them know that it’s okay to feel those feelings. Don’t shut them out. Instead, encourage them to express themselves more.
  1. Give them a chance to speak out and really listen to them. To truly understand your children’s behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, you need to let them speak their minds. And as a parent, take time to listen to what they have to say.
  1. Encourage them to pursue their interests and develop their skills. If you want your children to grow up with ambitions and goals, be encouraging. Believe in their capabilities and provide them with many opportunities to grow and improve.
  1. Allow them to make mistakes and learn from their failures. Experience is still the best teacher. While parents can always teach concepts and ideas to kids, experiencing a particular situation will make them understand what it really is. Therefore, let your kids explore the world around them and allow them to get hurt, be bored, and make mistakes, because only then can they really learn the lesson. 
  1. Reward positive behaviors and reprimand negative ones. The reward system is an excellent way to show your children that positive behaviors are rewarded. This way, as they grow older, they will opt to become better, more disciplined, and more helpful individuals because they know that good actions bring good results.

Remember that you are not alone in this parenting journey. Many parents, especially mothers, agree that parenting is difficult and raising kids can really get the best of you. More than a parent, just keep being a friend to your children and ensure them that you are always by their side to guide, support, and care for them.

8 Easy Tips to Keep Your Goals Front and Center

It is human nature to crave a sense of accomplishment. And nothing can make you feel more accomplished than having achieved your goals, especially long-term ones. Having goals is one of the things that drives humans to keep pushing forward every day. But the daily distractions of life—work, school, chores, health, or even just random thoughts—can easily blur the visions you have for your future until you slowly lose grasp on it. 

These tips will help you keep your eyes on the prize, no matter how life tries to distract you: 

  1. Write down your goals or create a vision board. Before anything else, make sure you have a clear vision or image in your mind of what exactly you want to achieve and how you imagine your future to be. Write specific goals on your notes or make a vision board with images of your dream house, dream job, or travel destinations you want to visit. 
  1. Plan daily to-dos aligned with your goals. Setting goals that are too big and ambitious can easily overwhelm you. Start with small achievable steps that you’re sure you can accomplish consistently every day. 
  1. Set daily reminders to get things done on time. When you have a tight schedule, it’s easy to push your plans to the side. Never make procrastination a habit and make sure to give our to-dos and plans their own space in your schedule by setting the alarm for when you have to do them. 
  1. Make sure your ‘why’ is everywhere. Write your motivations and reasons for wanting to reach your goals on sticky notes and place them around your house. Whenever you feel disconnected from your dreams, these reminders will realign you with them. 
  1. Have accountability sessions with someone you trust. Share your goals with a partner and, now and then, have them check on your progress. Ask for their thoughts on your progress as this will provide you with a brand new perspective. 
  1. Follow inspirational pages and accounts on social media. Instead of celebrities who make life seem so grand, easy, and unrealistic, follow accounts that inspire you to get moving without making things look impossible and unattainable. Follow fitness pages if you want to get healthier and follow successful businessmen if your goal is for your business to thrive. 
  1. Keep a daily journal of your intentions and progress. Before starting your day, write down your intentions for the day. It helps to write down your milestones so you can easily track your progress and see how far you’ve come. 
  1. From time to time, look back on your progress. No matter how small your progress may seem, or how slow you think you are going, what matters most is that you don’t stop. Take a breather, once in a while, and appreciate how far you have come and realize how you are able to overcome obstacles every time. 

Don’t let your goals overwhelm you. Instead, let them guide you through every day and just follow the eight tips above that guarantee to keep your goals front and center in your daily life. 

7 Affirmations for When Motherhood is Hard

Motherhood can be the most rewarding phase in a woman’s life. There is nothing that can be compared to the joy and pride brought by having a child or children to call your own. However, while mothering can be gratifying, it is also undoubtedly a difficult role to fulfill. From attending to her children to doing the laundry and the dishes to buying the things needed at home, the work of a mother is truly never done.

No mother has gone through a smooth and flawless parenting journey. In fact, there may be times when you feel like the struggles are never-ending and you just want to walk away from it all. The difficult times will always be there, but it’s up to you how you will stay strong and resilient for the little human beings who look up to you.

Affirmations for Mothers During Difficult Times

I’m the best parent for my child, which is why they are mine.

I can choose to leave situations that make me sad, angry, or uncomfortable.

I am tough. I am strong. I have what it takes to overcome these obstacles.

I am grateful that I can provide for my children to keep them healthy and feeling loved.

Loving myself is the greatest gift I can give to my child.

What matters is that I’m doing the best I can to be the best parent for my children.

My feelings are valid. I am allowed to feel tired, sad, or stressed. I am allowed to cry. Because after I let it all out, I will be okay once again.

Motherhood is Hard, But You Got This Momma!

When parenting gets hard and times are tough, remember that you are tougher because you are a mother. When everything gets overwhelming, take a break. Look at yourself in the mirror and say the above affirmations to yourself over and over until you get back your strength, confidence, and motivation to keep going.

You got this, momma!