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I’m Leah – a Mother, Registered Nurse, and Influencer

As an Immigrant and Healthcare Worker here in Illinois it is very difficult to handle your time when you have little young children at home. Every single day a little voice inside my head kept telling me that this couldn’t possibly be the best life we could have. 

I always believed that there was more to life, but I just didn’t know how to create life the way we wanted it to be. It is such a blessing that one day I browsed in my social media and saw this ad from a mum whom I can relate too with her struggles and pain. I took a leap of faith, I was that desperate enough to change the sleep-work-cycle life. I was not skeptical about the business model nor question it. I dive in right away.

Fast forward to today, Spending time with them is the best! Nothing will give more happiness than spending time with your kids and family.

Now, I can say ”There’s no place like home.” The future is going in the Online Space.

The business model is amazing!

Excellent thorough training.

No selling or phone calls.

No special Skills Needed except Motivation and Ambition.

Flexibility to work at your own terms.

Everyone is assign a personal mentor.

A laptop, smartphone, wifi and internet is all you need

Continuous support and membership in our private community of over One Hundred Thirty-Nine thousands owners Internationally.

You live your life today! Your dreams are within reach.

So if you’re willing to change your life in 2023, take a chance. Now that I found what I was looking for, I am ready to share it with the World! Because working Online and being in total control of my own life is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!

And this is possible for you too!

I am looking for enthusiasts to join my team! Do you want to:

Create your own life?

Use social media to have your own business?

Invest in yourself and develop extremely useful skills?

Get 1:1 coaching and training from multiple mentors?

Best of all, NO EXPERIENCE necessary! I would be very happy to help you along the way!

After years of searching for the perfect opportunity to earn from home and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, I am now able to call myself a digital entrepreneur. But my journey doesn’t end here.

My passion is to help others, whether it’s through my profession as a certified nurse in the Philippines, Illinois, California, or as a digital business mentor that teaches others how to use social media not just to spend or shop, but also to earn and make a living from home (or anywhere in the world).

As someone who started with ZERO experience in selling, but just a burning desire to turn my struggles into an inspiring story, I have devoted much of my time to teach others what’s possible with the things we already have: our cellphones, laptops, and WiFi.

The ultimate dream that I would like to help you with is to achieve your dream life by learning how to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, and more.

So what do I need to do?

We all have started by watching the Complimentary Workshop which is the most efficient way to get more information. It explains the basics of our business model in the right order and the creators of this model are also performing on the Workshop. You can also meet business owners live ( a replay of the latest workshop is also available) sharing their journeys and experiences. The workshop takes only 90 minutes of your time (no obligations). 

We are not recruiting anyone but offering an opportunity to become an internet base business owner with a 100% legitimate business concept which is tested and proven.

Like I said in the former question, there are start up costs like in any other businesses, but here the start up costs are made as affordable as possible so as many as possible could start. In addition to that we have a one time membership fee which covers the regularly updated step-by-step training, market -research (already done for us), maintained and managed sales funnel, automation tools, mentorship, coaching, ad copies, unlimited masterminds twice a week.

You learn how to work from your phone or laptop from home, Cafe, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE at your convenience. Learn how to leverage other digital business Entrepreneurs experiences and how the benefit of Global Community of Entrepreneurs who share knowledge and insight. You learn How Thousands of people around the World have used the same Workshop to get started.

This business Model is for everyone, who are motivated to start an Online Business but don’t know where and How to start. This suits also for people who want to have support when they run their businesses.This is especially for people who have never done Online business before and want to start fast: We provide training, individual support, Global Community, product list, automated email campaign which is all in One Program.

It’s simple! Go to my business website, sign up with your full name and e-mail for a free workshop which is 90 minutes long, and watch the amazing video to explain everything, this is global so a lot of the speakers and members are from different parts of the world that convinced me to not just be a mother, wife, and nurse, but also a digital business owner or send me an email: info@learnwithsisleah.com, I will be happy to assist you.

Disclaimer: No business comes at no cost. This will require some time and monetary investment. This is a business that will be yours. If you’re ready to make a change I’ll be happy to assist your goals and dreams.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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