9 Personal Mantras That Empower and Heal Us

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We often hear or read about research on the power of words, especially the words that we repeat to ourselves every day. If we’re not careful, these words can create situations that we didn’t necessarily want for ourselves. But because we’ve unknowingly been using negative self-talk, we end up attracting unpleasant situations.

In the same way, mantras can be used to rewire our brains so we create the state of mind that we want using words. They can be repeated during meditation, or we can chant them to ourselves throughout the day when we need to tap into their mind-altering power.

Mantra for Seeking Truth

“From unreal, lead me to what is real. From darkness, lead me to light. From death, lead me to transcend it.”

Mantras like this serve the purpose of helping you seek life’s truths. Our world today is constantly bombarded by messages and content that do not reflect reality. We end up living a life far from our goals and ideals simply because we allow ourselves to be carried away by non-truths.

This mantra is also quite powerful in how it talks about the transcendence of death so we may find eternal peace, whatever faith we may belong to.

Mantras for Healing

“This too shall pass.”

Whenever we experience a particularly emotional event, this mantra serves as a powerful reminder that life is composed of many ups and downs, and we are simply experiencing a low period that will eventually subside.

“Everything I need to heal is already within me.”

Repeat this mantra while placing your hands over your heart. As you slowly say the words, recognize the feeling of positivity and confidence that well up inside you. Accept these emotions. They are telling you that there is nothing or no one else you need—you are enough.

Mantras for Acceptance

“I am exactly where I need to be in my life now.”

We might not always agree with what the universe throws at us, but believe that it is happening for a reason. You are here in your present circumstance as a gift. There are lessons hidden behind the difficulties, and blessings underneath the pain. Everything is as it should be.

“I accept that my experiences are part of life’s great journey, and everything I go through is to help me become the best version of myself.”

Smooth seas don’t make good sailors, right? Repeat this mantra and you will look at your life as an opportunity to get creative as you find surprising solutions to what you thought were difficult problems.

Mantras for Forgiveness

“I release my past and forgive myself.”

Forgiving others is daunting, but forgiving the self is even more so. As you repeat this mantra, wrap your arms around your body as if you are giving yourself a hug. You do not need to carry the weight of the past with you any longer. Release it and begin anew.

“I release the pain from my heart and embrace a new beginning.”

This is a variation of the mantra above. Choose whichever of the two is more powerful for you. You can imagine confronting your painful memories and then finally saying goodbye to them. A new journey is beginning, one that will transform you in ways you can’t imagine.

Mantras for Getting Things Done

“I am effortlessly creating a life I love.”

Perseverance and dedication are great qualities to have, especially when it comes to pursuing success. But if you had to choose between a smooth and easy path and a perilous and painful one, it’s safe to say that we would like to avoid unnecessary strife. This mantra will help you achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed by the little daily problems.

“The next perfect step is always being revealed to me.”

Repeat this mantra to develop your intuition on choosing the best possible path whenever you feel lost. It’s a mantra of faith in the Creator and in yourself that will keep you moving forward with purpose and direction.

The right mantras can change your life

There are fewer things that have more influence over our lives than words. This is something that many wise individuals and successful entrepreneurs believe in, which is why we must respect and master the use of words in a way that serves us.

Mantras have been used for hundreds of years to shift people’s thoughts and emotions, therefore changing their lives. So try out the mantras I shared in this post, and be prepared to witness the positive changes in your life too!