5 Things to Love about Being a Working Mom

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While many mothers give up their careers to care for their kids, some continue with their jobs whether it’s by choice or they just don’t have any other option. Some working moms feel guilty for leaving their kids all day to make a living but, being a working mom is never something to be ashamed of. 

Here’s why you should be a proud working mother: 

1. You get to provide for your family. 

You are earning for your family which means you can take care of them better. You can provide your kids with more than just their basic needs and because you have a job, you can give your family a better quality of life. 

2. You get a sense of independence. 

Some mothers feel helpless when they are dependent on their partners for financial support, even though there is no shame in that. But you don’t have to deal with that frustration because you are confident you can provide for your family yourself. 

3. You can continue working on your career goals. 

If your job is something you are truly passionate about, then you can live a more satisfying life as you are growing a family while doing what you love. Working moms experience less identity crisis too. 

4. You can enjoy more freedom. 

Of course, you love your kids more than anything but being with them 24/7 can make you feel like a prisoner and make you lose confidence. When you’re working, you can go out more often, even when it’s for work, so you get a sense of freedom. 

5. You can live a more balanced life. 

Moms don’t have to feel guilty about needing some time away from their kids even when it’s just for work or doing other errands. You’ll be happier when you can take care both of your family and yourself. 

Choosing to be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom won’t make you any less of a mother than others—you’ll always be the best one in your kids’ eyes. If being a working mom is what suits your motherhood lifestyle best, then embrace it and be proud that you get to enjoy the things to love about being a working mom.