12 Ways To Become A Better Mom

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All mothers are good. Everything they do and every choice they make are for the sake of their family and children. However, sometimes, no matter how hard they try, the house is still a mess, the laundry keeps piling up, their kids still get F in school, and they still run out of milk and eggs in the fridge.

Can you relate? Are these situations familiar to you? No matter how bad you feel right now, don’t think that you’re a bad parent. Here are ways to help you become better at motherhood. 

  1. Create routines. When your kids know what to expect throughout the day, it will eliminate arguments, confusions, and violent reactions from them, leading to a smoother turn out of events.
  1. Plan ahead. Before a new week starts, organize your schedule and plan what you need to do for the week. Identify which days you need to do grocery, pay bills, or bring the kids to soccer practice.
  1. Ask for help. Hire a nanny or babysitter if you need to. Try to take some things off your plate.
  1. Teach your kids responsibilities. In addition to the previous tip, encourage your kids to help you with simple house chores, like fixing the bed or packing away their toys after using them.
  1. Take a break. When everything seems overwhelming, take time out to breathe, meditate, and/or drink your coffee in peace. This will help you regain your energy — and sanity.
  1. Play with your kids. You don’t want to be tagged as the parent who has no time for her kids. So spend some quality time with your children and join them in their playtime.
  1. Do one thing at a time. Avoid multitasking. You will accomplish a lot more things if you do them one after another.
  1. Take care of yourself. Keep your body and mind healthy to be able to carry out your responsibilities as a mother better and more comfortably.
  1. Talk to other moms. Having a support group can help reduce feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, and provide a higher level of well-being.
  1. Communicate openly with your spouse and children. Talk about concerns in the family and how you can all deal with them effectively.
  1. Create memorable experiences. Instead of splurging on material gifts, spend on vacations, trips, and adventures that you and your family will enjoy.
  1. Be a friend and confidant. More than a parent, make sure that you can be someone they can share stories with, be comfortable with, and trust with their problems — no matter how petty they are.

There is no perfect parent, but you can always strive to be better for your children. You got this, momma!