11 Powerful Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

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11 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt holds people back from seizing opportunities. It makes it harder for people to start or finish the things that need to be done. And unfortunately, it happens to everyone at some point. 

The next time you find yourself slowly drowning in self-doubt, don’t give in and use one or more of these powerful ways to successfully overcome it: 

1. Say “no” immediately. As soon as you feel self-doubt creeping in, say “no” or “stop” in your mind or out loud to put an end to it right away. 

2. Learn from your past. You’ve been here before. And like you conquered it in the past, you will triumph against self-doubt once more. 

3. Talk to a trusted friend about it. Call your BFF, spouse, or trusted family member to give you a boost in spirit. 

4. Compare yourself to yourself, not to others. Comparing yourself to others is unnecessary and will only worsen your self-doubt. 

5. Keep a journal. Writing down your emotions makes it easier to deal with them than fighting them in your mind. 

6. People are not waiting for you to fail. Nobody is keeping a record of your failures. Remember, everyone is already too busy with themselves so focus on yourself instead. 

7. Don’t overthink others’ comments. Sometimes, what others say may not be directed to you in the first place. Avoid overthinking as it can only worsen self-doubt. 

8. Do something you love. Take a break to watch a movie, do some yoga, or do anything to uplift your mood. 

9. Remember that setbacks are temporary. Everyone goes through hard times and life goes on regardless. Your self-doubt will pass, and you’ll be okay again. 

10. Failure is necessary for success. Don’t put yourself down when you fail, it only means that you are trying. So keep going and eventually, you will succeed. 

11. Take it as a chance for personal growth. Change your perspective and think of self-doubt as a realization that you need to improve yourself. 

You are not alone in battling self-doubt; everyone goes through it and will go through it eventually. Know that you will come back stronger every time and these tips will help you survive through it each time with ease.