10 Easy Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

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Unlike a 9 to 5 job where you clock out after eight hours at work, an entrepreneur needs to manage her business 24/7. In addition to that, some things need to get done at home like taking care of the kids or finishing the housework. 

Running a business can be overwhelming so here are ten tips to help with time management. 

  1. Keep a time limit on your activities. Limit business calls to 5 minutes and meetings to 30 minutes. Small activities like this can easily eat up your time so discuss things straight to the point. 
  1. Invest in technology. Automate repetitive and menial tasks. Many applications and software exist to lighten that workload for a minimal monthly fee. 
  1. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks. Assign your team the tasks that you need to get done for more efficient time management. 
  1. Wake up earlier in the morning. Starting early means getting things done early. Set your alarm a few hours earlier in the morning so you can maximize your day. 
  1. Keep a schedule for everything. Schedule both work and rest times and abide by your calendar religiously. Doing so will help you avoid hyper-scheduling and getting overwhelmed. 
  1. Identify and eliminate non-productive activities. Ponder on what the “wasteful” activities in your business are, such as repetitive tasks that can be automated, and find a solution to get rid of them. 
  1. Get the difficult tasks done first. Do the things you are most likely to procrastinate on first. Once you clear that, it will be easier to finish the rest of your to-do list.
  1. Adopt the Pareto Principle. The 80-20 rule will help prioritize things in your business and solve issues with a more strategic approach. 
  1. Consider hiring a virtual assistant. An assistant working remotely is more cost-efficient plus you can reach her/him from anywhere too even when you are working from home. 

10. Leave allowance for interruptions. Things rarely go as planned. Always plan your day with enough allowance for delays and unscheduled activities. 

Entrepreneurship is exciting yet it can be very demanding. Having an effective time management system will prevent you from being overwhelmed with mundane tasks so you can keep the passion you have for your business burning.